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In celebration and reflection of Pride at 50, the writers of Hypergraphic Writers Workshop are proud to present this collection of work with all our queer siblings. Now that the tourists are gone, with the glitter cleared, and even Miley Cyrus a little late to the Pride release period, this zine features poetry, creative short fiction, memoir, and some experimental in-betweens by Future Host, Phoebe Fico, Hannah Salzer, Aldo Izar, Li Zhuang, Tenacity Plys, Amelia Possanza, and, returning champ, Germ Lynn. Cheers to queers, but make it cerebral! <3

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The pieces contained within this collection are the result of the first iteration of Hypergraphic Writers Workshop, which took place during the summer of 2018. Hypergraphic was born out of a need to create a writers’ space, one that was safe and productive for the emerging Queer identified writer. Over the course of eight weeks it became clear that the process was not purely spatial but primarily social. Through conversation, critique and collaboration eight stories were created. Each of these stories asks the reader to think about how we identify space, how we move through it, how do we affect it, and how does it affects us?

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